February 27 – March 3

This week we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss because his birthday is on Thursday. We will be reading some Dr.Seuss books and also do some fun activities!

Our sight words this week are: not, home, & in.

Here is what we will be learning in our centers this week:

Poetry: EEKK – It is a cute Dr. Seuss poem, after they are finished underlining all the sight words they will be working on cvc words on the mimio board.

Pocket Chart: Writing missing word sentences.

Word Work: -at words as well as cvc words

Writing Station: They will be filling in the blanks on a story and double checking each other to make sure their sentences and story make sense.

Lightbulb Station: Word Family activities

Art Station: Cat in the Hat activity

Technology: Symbaloo

Puzzles and Games: Sight word games and Dr. Seuss matching.

Listening Station: Listen to QR code reader and complete a response page.
They will be finishing up their Non Fiction Research Projects

Math: Addition & Subtraction / Number Sense

Valentine Party

Tuesday, February 14th will be our Valentine party! Our Valentine party will be from 11 – 12. The kids had a great time decorating their bags last week with all the stickers and other decorations that several of you brought for them. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE DECORATIONS!! Just a reminder to have your child bring their valentine cards. They are all very excited about the party!!!

February 13 – 17, 2017

This is what we will be learning this Valentine week.

Our sight word is : have

Our centers this week:

Poetry: Fuzzy Wuzzy

Pocket Chart: Fill in the blank sentences.

Word Work: What comes next in our pattern.

Writing: Putting sentences together, then writing them. Also, students will be working on writing letters to their friends and siblings (if they have a sibling in K-2nd grade).

Lightbulb Station: Valentine CVC Words They will be cutting apart letters and then glueing them together to make a word based on each picture.

Art station: Coloring Valentine pictures.

Technology: Symbaloo & Starfall

Puzzles and Games: Continuing sight word games and matching games

Math: Racing bears, story problems, one more and one fewer, double compare, and ten frame fun flash.

Interactive Writing: We will continue writing and studying about our zoo animal reports.

February 6-10

Here is what we are learning this week:

Sight Words: Last week – saw & that
This week – was & of

Our centers this week:

Poetry: 100th Day Poem

Pocket Chart: Create sentences and then write the sentences

Word Work:CVC words using the chunks at & an. For example, if it is the word cat, they will find the onset /c/ and match it to /at/ and then put it in the box.

Writing: I Love…. Writing about things they love and finishing the sentences.

Lightbulb station:
Dot painting the words, get, on, saw, and what and practice writing it as well.

Art station: We are making handprint hearts!!

Technology: Symbaloo and Starfall

Puzzles & Games: Board games with our sight words.

Math: Ten Frames & racing bears & unifix cubes

Penmanship: M-P

Writing: Staying focused on our paper, capitalization and punctuation.

Interactive Writing: Write about a topic on Non-fiction. We will be writing a list of animals and then narrow that list down to one animal and complete a KWL chart on it.

Science: Studying about the animals that we will be writing about during writing time.

* We are also starting a WEE Deliver Program at our school where the children from different classes can write letters to one another. We will be spending time this week going over the parts of a letter and I will model a letter for them. Then the students will be allowed to start writing letters to other students!!

January 23 – 27

Here is what we are learning about this week:

Sight Words: are, here & little

Our Centers this week:

Poetry: Guess What?

Pocket Chart: Short vowel sounds

Word Work: Digraphs (th, sh & ch)

Writing: Cut apart sentences

Lightbulb Station: Beginning and ending sounds as well as short vowel sounds.

Art Station: They are creating their own winter snowman picture and writing a sentence about it.

Technology: Symbaloo & Starfall

iPads: Literacy games and writing sight words using magnetic letters.

Math: Continuing measurement and Greater Than, Less Than and Equal to

Penmanship: Working on forming letters H – K.

Writing: Completing out winter stories and using transition words (first, next, then and finally). Also reminding students to start sentences with capital letters and use appropriate spacing in between words (finger spacing) and placing punctation at the end of the sentence ( . ! ?).

Interactive Writing: Acrostic Poems and Rhyming Poems

Science: We are studying rocks this week. Your child may bring rocks to class and we will discuss the different rocks. Friday we will sort the different rocks by size, color, texture and shape.

January 17-20, 2017

I hope all of you had a great day celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

Here is what we will be learning this week:

Our Sight Words last week were: to & with

This weeks Sight Words are: because & what

Our Centers this week:

Poetry: Winter Animals & Mimio on Compound Words and  Syllables

Pocket Chart:  Compound Words

Word Work:  Frosty Family – chunks that have the endings   _at, _ug,  _et,  &  _an

Writing:  They will be coloring a picture of a hat and then write sentences describing it.

Lightbulb Station: They will be reviewing beginning and ending sounds and  also papers on which digraph and which blends.  There will be some extra papers on blending words and a coloring sheet on sight words.

Art Station:  They will be making a snowglobe!

Technology: Symbaloo & Starfall

I pads: Literacy Games

Math: This week we will be learning about measuring.  We will be measuring our shoes and comparing the different sizes of them.  We will be measuring other things as well such as snowmen, sticks, and each other.

Penmanship: working on forming letters D – G.

Writing: We will be finishing up our Snowman stories.

Social Studies &  Science:  We will be talking about rocks as well as how water changes from a solid to a liquid, and then to a gas.



Happy New Year!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas Holiday and are ready for the New Year!

Here are some things that we will be learning this week:

Sight Words: said & they


Sight words we have learned this year to date:

go, like, am, on, see, at, me, the, I, can, we, is, do, my, you, put, get, he, she

Interactive Writing: New Year Resolutions & Winter Stories

Centers this week:

Poetry: I’m a Little Snowman

Pocket Chart: How many syllables?

Word Work: Roll the Sight Words

Writing Center: What do Snowman do at Night?

Lightbulb: Word Work Activities

Technology: Symbaloo Literacy Games & Starfall

Ipads: Literacy Games


2D/3D shapes

More than, less than, & equal to

1 More, 1 Less

What number comes before and after a certain number

Knowing the next five numbers that come after a certain number.

Penmanship: A-C & Numbers

Science & Social Studies: Seasons